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EOCO, AG had no appetite in investigating and prosecuting Cecilia Dapaah – OSP

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has responded the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO)’s clear lack of engagement in researching the tax evasion claims against previous Water and Sanitation Minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

At first, OSP had passed working on it record concerning the previous priest to EOCO for additional activity. Nonetheless, EOCO's Leader Chief, Maame Yaa Tiwa Addo-Danquah, during a media commitment at the fourteenth Province Territorial Meeting of Heads of Hostile to defilement Organizations in Africa, referenced plans to return the agenda to OSP.

In opposition to EOCO's declarations, Samuel Appiah Darko, OSP's Head of Technique, Exploration, and Correspondences, explained that EOCO had for sure returned the agenda in regards to Cecilia Dapaah significantly sooner. He intimated that EOCO's absence of mindfulness in regards to the situation with the case could demonstrate a distinction inside their association.

Moreover, Lady Addo-Danquah expressed that any activities EOCO might have taken had proactively been diverted to the police CID. Mr. Appiah Darko communicated uncertainty over EOCO's obligation to researching and arraigning the previous priest, stressing the requirement for straightforwardness with respect to their expectations.

"The second point I need to make is this entire thought that the agenda that the OSP shipped off EOCO was unmerited and in the event that you will humor me, I will be a piece definite, despite the fact that we shouldn't do this but rather our point is that if there is no hunger to need to explore and indict, tell individuals of Ghana that there is no craving except for don't attempt to accuse the OSP," Mr Darko told the host of the Citi Breakfast Show, Bernard Avle, on Citi FM.

"The AG saying that we had gotten Cecilia Dapaah free from any offense is likewise not precise in light of the fact that the OSP has never cleared Cecilia Dapaah in light of the fact that when you say you have cleared somebody, it implies that you have researched and reached the resolution that no offense has been committed."

Also, there are concerns raised by the Chief Head of Ghana Honesty Drive (GII), Mary Adda, in regards to the treatment of the examination. She reprimanded the absence of correspondence among EOCO and OSP, which she accepts has impeded progress in specific examinations, powering impression of predisposition and exemption among high-profile people.

On May 6, EOCO reported its expectation to return the agenda to OSP, refering to guidance from the Workplace of the Principal legal officer against chasing after tax evasion examinations concerning Cecilia Dapaah because of lacking proof of debasement or related offenses. The Head legal officer's office featured errors in OSP's discoveries, expressing that examinations neglected to lay out any proof of debasement or acquisition breaks against the suspects.

They likewise scrutinized the reason for OSP's doubt of tax evasion and organizing, refering to an absence of lucidity in the submitted reports. At last, the circumstance highlights the requirement for clearness, collaboration, and straightforwardness among policing to guarantee responsibility and decency in such high-profile cases.


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