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“Enough! marriage is not an achievement, finding the right partner is” – Mary Njoku

Eminent Nollywood entertainer Mary Njoku has touched off a significant dialogue about the substance of marriage, testing the predominant conviction that it ought to be seen as an accomplishment.

Taking to her Instagram account, the regarded performer conveyed a sincere demeanor, revealing insight into the cultural tensions ladies face in regards to marriage.

Njoku addressed the erroneous belief that success can only be achieved through marriage, highlighting the importance of finding the right partner instead in her sincere message.

Instead of just trying to get married, she said, it was more important to celebrate the journey of finding compatibility and building a happy relationship.

In her post, Mary Njoku energetically encouraged wedded ladies to rethink the overarching idea that marriage ought to be viewed as an accomplishment. " Enough! Marriage is not a success. Finding the RIGHT accomplice is," she stressed, requiring a shift away from forcing singles into marriage.

Featuring the discontent common in numerous relationships, Njoku highlighted cultural assumptions as a critical wellspring of misery. " She said, "She shed light on the detrimental impact of external pressures on marital bliss by revealing that over 60% of couples claim happiness frequently because of societal expectations."

Njoku shared the strong story of Ifeoma, representing the outcomes of capitulating to cultural strain to wed. " That was the way Ifeoma was pushed to wed garbage," she bemoaned, describing Ifeoma's battles, including regular medical clinic visits and clashes emerging from her despondent marriage.

In spite of Ifeoma's difficulties, Njoku highlighted the incongruity of hitched people scrutinizing single individuals for their conjugal status, pushing for compassion and space for singles to settle on critical life choices without outer strain.

"Rest Biko. Center around the Economy! And let the singles BREATHE,” Njoku said in his concluding remarks, pleading for a reorientation of attention to the pursuit of personal fulfillment and the freedom to pursue happiness in their own way.

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