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Emission Levy proceeds should not be deposited into Consolidated Fund – ICEG tells govt

The Institute of Climate and Environmental Governance (ICEG) has raised worries over the public authority's obvious absence of obligation to contribute the income produced from the Outflow Duty.

Starting today, the Emissions Levy Act, 2023 (Act 1112), initiated by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), imposes a tax on carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines.

ICEG suggests the foundation of an Emission Fund to guarantee a powerful accountability system for the prudent portion of funds generated. The institute accentuates that returns from the Emission Levy ought not be directed to the Consolidated Fund.

In a made announcement, ICEG communicates worry about the government’s responsibility past the duty burden and desires a steady execution of the levy.

They advocate for the foundation of vital institutional framework for compelling execution and income usage.

"ICEG is concerned about the apparent lack of commitment by the Government to investing the expected revenue on financing green infrastructure beyond the imposition of the Levy, despite the progressive nature of the Levy."

The Consolidated Fund should not receive accrued profits. A proper accountability mechanism that ensures the judicious allocation of generated funds should be established by the government through the establishment of an Emission Fund. Approach the Public authority to carry out the Duty and set up the fundamental institutional framework for successful execution and utilization of income gradually."

ICEG perceives the financial effect on vehicle proprietors and approaches the public authority to upgrade public mindfulness, advising residents about the natural advantages regarding discharge decrease.

The statement, which was signed by Kwesi Yamoah Abaidoo, Policy Lead, Climate Finance and Energy Transition, states, "The government should consider intensifying public awareness to inform citizens of the environmental benefits of reducing emissions."

The government's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are supported by the Emissions Levy, which encourages the use of eco-friendly technology and green energy. The duty sum changes in view of the vehicle type and motor limit, with various rates for cruisers, tricycles, engine vehicles, transports, mentors, freight trucks, and explained trucks.


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