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Dumsor is here, but they don’t care! – Netizens furious at ECG, call for timetable

In response to the ongoing power outages (dumsor) that are afflicting the nation, numerous online users have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction and demand that the government take immediate action.

Commonly referred to as "dumsor," the prolonged and erratic power outages have persisted for several months, causing widespread concern among citizens.

Numerous areas continue to experience power supply disruptions despite assurances from the government, communicated through the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), that the issues that caused the power outages have been resolved.

On March 29, 2024, the ECG made it clear that any power outages were caused by isolated faults rather than a widespread return of "dumsor." However, since the ECG's statement was released, the situation has not improved for many affected individuals or communities.

Numerous users have discussed the negative effects of the power outages in recent online discussions, particularly the discomfort and difficulties faced by young children during hot nights without electricity.


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