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Drunk driver crashed into children’s birthday party, killing two children and injuring fifteen more

When a drunk driver crashed into a birthday party at a boat club, 15 people were hurt and two kids died.

A Michigan police officer claims that an accident on Saturday resulted in the deaths of a boy and a girl who were five and eight years old, respectively. About 30 miles south of Detroit, in Berlin Township, the Swan Creek Boat Club was the scene of the collision. According to Monroe County Sheriff Troy Goodnough, the chaotic situation resulted in numerous severe injuries.

He stated, "The people involved and those who saw it were very upset. The first responders said the scene was very chaotic." ” Three children and six adults were transported to the hospital by two ambulances or helicopters. Some of them had suffered severe harm. Some of the injured received immediate assistance at the scene, while others were chauffeured to the hospital in private vehicles.

According to the Michigan sheriff, the driver of the car was 66 years old when it crashed into the building and went 25 feet inside. He said that the woman driving the car had been arrested for driving while intoxicated and causing a fatal accident. He had no idea who she was.

He stated that she was working with the police and might face additional charges as the investigation continued.


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