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Driver sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for attempted kidnapping

Godfred Ayittey, a driver, was given a sentence of eight years in prison with hard labor by an Accra Circuit Court for attempting to kidnap a father and daughter for ransom.

Mr Ayittey had denied contriving with Wang Liang in anticipation of the abducting, but he was found guilty after trial. Wang Liang is currently unaccounted for.

The court heard that Ayittey selected an observer, Richard Asomaning, via telephone for the hijacking plan. Asomaning lied about his interest and sent Ayittey copies of his Ghana card and driver's license, as well as those of another recruit, Peter Ofoe Agbovie.

The witnesses then mentioned a meeting with Ayittey to find out about their expected victims, Mr. Joseph K. Horgle and his little girl Elinam. Ayittey spoke with the witnesses just via telephone, and a WhatsApp bunch stage was made for the activity.

Ayittey gave assets to Asomaning to start surveillance on the people in question, and beginning photos of the company’s premises were taken and sent to Ayittey.

Ayittey claimed he would acquire weapons for the operation, while Agbovie was given the responsibility of renting a vehicle. Ayittey was captured on August 9, 2022, and confessed to the offense, ensnaring Wang Liang in designing the seizing.

Examinations uncovered that Ayittey had worked for the planned casualty's organization and knew the previous manager had the monetary ability to pay any payment.

The offense, which involved a plot to kidnap the owner of J. K. Horgle Transport and Company Limited and his daughter for ransom, resulted in Ayittey's conviction by the court.


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