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Don’t insist on getting a passport if you can’t afford – Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, has prescribed that Ghanaians incapable to manage the cost of a passport ought to swear off applying for it, stressing that travel papers are as of now not the essential method for identification.

Tending to journalists, she highlighted the adequacy of the public ID framework as the chief type of recognizable proof. Botchwey commented, "Today, presently, we have the Public ID that is functioning admirably, so that is our essential wellspring of distinguishing proof.

Presently not the identification. "And, surprisingly, the individuals who have the public ID can go into the country with it. In this way, then, I'm submissively asking Ghanaians that, please, on the off chance that you needn't bother with a visa and on the grounds that you can't bear the cost of it, please, unassumingly, I'm asking you not to go for an identification since it's as of now not your essential wellspring of recognizable proof," she added.

"Assuming that the public authority is financing intensely, it's hard to offer any great types of assistance to Ghanaians," she said. She added, "Even people having the public ID can use it for movement inside the country. Consequently, I consciously ask Ghanaians who don't need a visa because of monetary limitations to shun getting one."

Communicating trepidation with respect to the public authority's endowment of visa applications, she advised that keeping up with such appropriations could think twice about quality for residents. "Weighty government endowments make it trying to convey quality administrations," she expressed. Botchwey guaranteed coordinated effort with Parliament in case of a survey of visa charges, focusing on that expense changes point not to monetarily trouble residents.

The Service as of late reported expense increases for visa administrations, compelling April 1, 2024, in arrangement with the 2023 Expenses and Charges guidelines, L.I. 2481. Under the new expense structure, the handling charge for a sped up 48-page visa is GH¢800, while a 32-page application costs GH¢700. She noted: "Charges come from the Parliament of Ghana.

We make a show to them; we provide them with the uncovered realities of what it is. Parliament knows about this, and these charges came from Parliament.

Assuming Parliament chooses, we ought to return. We should check it out. Parliament has chosen, and we will go by it."


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