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Don’t get close to his family until you are married to him – Nana Romeo advises women

A media character, Nana Romeo, has communicated the view that a lady shouldn't turn out to be excessively close with his partner’s family unless they are married.

He contended that when a lady attempts to bond with her boyfriend’s family, she may inadvertently unveil individual data that could strain her relationship with him. While stressing the meaning of a lady constructing a positive relationship with her accomplice's family, he exhorted against being exorbitantly open, especially before marriage.

"Each lady ought to regard this counsel genuinely. On the off chance that you're involved with a wedded man you, be careful about getting excessively near his loved ones. If not, you could accidentally make issues for yourself." Nana Romeo said. He proceeded, "There's an expression that blood is thicker than water.

You could believe you're being genial to win the family's approval by examining matters that aren't intended for them, just for them to later object and exhort the man against you."

"On the off chance that a man could do without you, the idea of your relationship with his family won't influence his choice," he added.


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