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Don’t cheat as retaliation, seek counselling – Counselor Charlotte Oduro advises women

Famous Ghanaian marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro has shared important guidance for ladies wrestling with accomplices associated with extramarital issues.

She emphasizes the dangers of responding with infidelity and suggests seeking counseling rather than retaliation. Oduro accentuates the significance of considering leaving such difficulties instead of surrendering to the allurement of revenge. "I believe ladies should comprehend that turning to betrayal won't determine their issues.

Try not to permit your annoyance to lead you to demolish your future. Seek counseling or think about ending the marriage if dealing with your husband's infidelity becomes too much for you. In a GhanaWeb-recorded interview with Oyerepa FM, she advised, "Don't respond to wrongdoing with more wrongdoing." She cautions that deciding to swindle in light of a life partner's betrayal can have extreme outcomes, encouraging ladies to focus on their future prosperity.

In a meeting with Oyerepa FM, Oduro encouraged ladies not to permit outrage to direct their activities and stressed looking for mentoring or considering finishing the marriage assuming adapting becomes excruciating. She underlined the vanity of answering bad behavior with additional bad behavior. Besides, Oduro deplored cultural standards that frequently neglect men's treachery while censuring ladies who respond in kind because of profound agony.

"Most women are reacting hurtfully to men's infidelity, but this shouldn't be the case. They've seen that society frequently disregards men's issues however censures ladies', so they feel a sense of urgency to fight back," she added.

She featured the requirement for a change in context and empowered better approaches to tending to conjugal difficulties.


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