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Doctor who prescribed wrong medication to KODA must be sued – Socrate Safo

Veteran Ghanaian film maker Socrate Safo as of late said something regarding an assertion made by the late gospel performer Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, otherwise called KODA, in regards to a specialist's misprescription that endured eight months before KODA's passing.

Safo made reference to a similar case involving the late American musician Michael Jackson to emphasize how serious it is for doctors to give the wrong medication to patients. Giving a patient the wrong medication is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly, Safo emphasized.

He mentioned Michael Jackson's case, in which the doctor who prescribed the wrong medication was arrested, found guilty, and jailed despite Jackson's request for the medication. "In clinical terms, the offense [wrong medicine prescription] is extremely high.

You recollect the preliminary about Michael Jackson's passing.

The doctor who administered the injection was accused, found guilty, and even imprisoned despite the musician's request for it. "I have lost certain individuals who were near me in light of a portion of these issues. In this specific KODA case, he ought to have sued [the specialist liable for some unacceptable drug prescription]," said Socrate.

Talking on OK FM and announced by GhanaWeb, Safo communicated that KODA ought to have made a legitimate move against the specialist who gave him some unacceptable medicine. He mentioned personal losses caused by similar issues and emphasized the gravity of such medical errors.

Safo's remarks are in response to KODA's eight-month experience with incorrect medication, which was documented in a viral video that raised questions about why the responsible doctor was not held accountable.


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