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Do not judge me by my appearance but my music ability – Safo Newman

Lately, the spotlight has been on the outstandingly capable Highlife performer, Safo Newman, because of the outcome of his resonant single, "Akokoa."

The melody earned far and wide respect, arriving at viral status after persuasive figures in media outlets, including the acclaimed Ghanaian artist Sarkodie, recognized it on his virtual entertainment stages.

Notwithstanding, in the midst of the honors, a few doubters endeavored to subvert Safo Newman's melodic ability by studying his appearance, contending that he didn't fit the ordinary picture of a performer.

Tending to these reactions in a meeting with Sammy Kay in a hurry 'Online' show, Safo Newman solidly declared that his actual appearance doesn't matter to his melodic ability.

The rising music star truly shared that he is normally thoughtful, featuring that his saved nature ought not be confused with an absence of devotion to his specialty.

Drawing matches, he called attention to that famous specialists like Adele additionally recognize as thoughtful people, and this trademark has not blocked their uncommon melodic commitments.


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