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Do not endure abusive marriages – Big Akwes’ wife speaks amid divorce rumors

The wife of Ghanaian entertainer Big Akwes, Freda in a new TikTok live conveyed a strong message encouraging people not to persevere through oppressive relationships that could adversely influence their lives over a long period.

Stressing the significance of self esteem and mental prosperity, Freda urged individuals to leave relationships where they are abused, guaranteeing them that they will find love and satisfaction somewhere else.

Talking self-assuredly, Freda shared her point of view, saying, "I'm feeling blissful now, yet in 2024, I would prompt that in the event that you are seeing someone understand things are not working out positively, push ahead in light of the fact that another person loves you. Assuming somebody loves you, consistently he/she determines the status of you; not the sort that even blocks you due to calls.

"Try not to remain in an oppressive marriage and kick the bucket when you're disheartened by the circumstance. You'll find somebody who will adore you more. Try not to stay with somebody who is unforgiving," she said while talking in a TikTok live meeting

She focused on the meaning of being seeing someone one is really focused on, forewarning against persevering through oppressive circumstances that can prompt profound pain.

Freda's open comments come in the midst of hypotheses about the condition of her marriage with Big Akwes, with reports recommending conjugal difficulties.

Regardless of the circling divorce bits of hearsay, neither one of the gatherings has authoritatively affirmed or denied the hypotheses encompassing the situation with their relationship.


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