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Disregard 20% increase by transport operators - Transport Ministry

Transport Ministry has encouraged general public to ignore the implied climb in transport fares by transport operators cross country.

This comes after commercial Transport Operators in Ghana have proclaimed a 30 percent increment in transportation fares across the country, beginning Monday, January 22.

They supported the increment by refering to huge expansions in the expenses of oils, spare parts, and DVLA administration charges.

"The proposition for a charge increment expects to address the drivers' monetary difficulties and guarantee the manageability of the public transport ministry in Ghana," the public transport industry included the official statement.

However, in response to this, on January 17, 2024, the Ministry of Transport issued a statement stating that the aforementioned increase should be ignored because the ministry and the Commercial Transport Operators have not reached an agreement.

"We wish to illuminate the overall population that there has not been any discussion with the transport ministry for a survey of the vehicle fares. We in this way encourage the overall population to ignore the implied increment," portions of the assertion read.

At the point when an increment becomes fundamental, the Service said its outfit will spread the word about that for the overall population

"At the point when it becomes fundamental for such exchanges and the choices are taken, the overall population will be suitably educated, as has been finished previously," the assertion proceeded.

In the mean time, the Overall Secretary of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Godfred Abulbire, has declared the suspension of the choice to increment transport charges following a forthcoming gathering with the Vehicle Service.

The GPRTU at first arranged a 20% charge climb by January 24, refering to expanded spare parts costs and new expenses. In spite of the Service encouraging general society to ignore the proposed increment, Agent Pastor Alhassan Tampuli Sulemana expressed that conversations with transport Operators would happen.

After the meeting, GPRTU will evaluate the situation, and a drivers' association emphasizes ongoing financial difficulties and indicates willingness to collaborate with the Ministry when invited.


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