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Diesel selling at GHC13.49, petrol going for GHC12.69

As of February 2, 2024, some Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Ghana have started increasing the costs of oil based goods at the pumps.

GOIL, the market leader, charges 13.49 for a liter of diesel and 12.69 for a liter of gasoline. This shows that prices have gone up slightly from about four weeks ago.

The vertical change in costs is credited to the new devaluation of the Ghanaian cedi and the rising costs of unrefined petroleum on the global market. In the coming hours, it is anticipated that additional OMCs will implement price increases.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has disclosed that the approaching climb in fuel costs will influence all members in the business.

This change is supposed to be executed by different Oil Marketing Companies, with projections demonstrating that some might expand their costs at the siphons.

The choice to survey fuel costs like clockwork is impacted by worldwide market advancements, the expense of raw petroleum, and the presentation of the nearby money.

Prior expectations by the Establishment for Energy Protections recommended a 2% increment in petroleum and Liquified Oil Gas costs, alongside a 3% ascent in diesel costs.

"Before long, purchasers going to the siphons are probably going to see the accompanying changes: an increase of 2% in the price of gasoline (petrol), 3% in the price of diesel (gasoline), and 2% in the price of LPG, largely due to the combination of the Ghana cedi depreciation and the rise in product prices on the international market.


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