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Despite being in U.S; the challenges faced in Ghana resonates with me – Opanka on dumsor

Ghanaian craftsman at present living in the US, Armstrong Affum, well known as Opanka has reaffirmed areas of strength for him to issues back home, particularly the continuous Dumsor emergency.

In a new meeting with Amansan Krakye, Opanka stressed his obligation to Ghana, featuring his arrangements to get back soon. Opanka made sense of that his inspiration for making the "Dumsor Show" track originated from his persevering through connections to Ghana. He focused on the significance of genuine authority, referencing that focusing on the necessities of individuals is fundamental.

"My responsibility stretches out past private interests to the government assistance of the whole country, which propelled the 'Dumsor Exhibit' melody," he explained. While recognizing his brief stay in the US for exhibitions and an undertaking, Opanka communicated his expectation to continue his undertakings in Ghana. He underlined that the difficulties looked by Ghanaians reverberate profoundly with him, given his underlying foundations and family ties in the country.

"As far as I might be concerned, Ghana is home. The prosperity of my family, allies, and individual Ghanaians weighs intensely on me. Individual solace doesn't compare to bliss when my kin are in trouble," Opanka added, underlining his continuous obligation to his country notwithstanding being abroad.


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