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Desist from holding white weddings; too expensive – Prophet Oduro’s message to youths

Esteemed founder and head of Alabaster Global Services, Prophet Oduro has given an unmistakable admonition to youthful couples leaving on wedded life, educating them to stay away with respect to extreme white weddings.

He underscored the uselessness of expenditure over the top totals on a white wedding function following a customary marriage. The straightforward minister accentuated that such assets could be far superior used by putting resources into significant undertakings that benefit the love bird couple's future.

Refering to monetary strains as an impediment to marriage, Prophet Oduro communicated worry that numerous young fellows are avoiding marriage by and large. "Try not to squander your cash facilitating a white cash, your cash can be placed into great use.

Put your cash in projects that would assist with building your family, don't proceed to have a gigantic wedding by taking care of 300 individuals, the young people should be shrewd," Prophet Oduro's message to the young.

In his guidance to imminent grooms, the regarded evangelist supported for focusing on the customary wedding service while racking the possibility of a white wedding to eliminate costs and upgrade monetary reasonability.


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