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Dating you will make me a sugar mummy - Delay reacts

Freezy Macbones' meeting on The Delay Show went off in a strange direction when the host implied his age, proposing that dating him would liken to being his sugar mummy.

This happened not long after the fighter had straightforwardly communicated his adoration for Delay and his desire to wed the media character.

Celebrated for his triumphant session in April 2023, the UK-based Ghanaian fighter was chronicling the beginner battles he won, which were gone before by five misfortunes. He discussed how he stayed unflinching in spite of the losses when the age factor was returned to in the discussion.

He said: " In my beginner days, it was basic: take my adversary out, or I lose. That is the embodiment of my special style. I encountered an extreme stretch, losing five successive battles out of eighteen. In spite of the difficulties, I arose triumphant in fourteen or thirteen of them. I wouldn't be where I am today if I gave up. Each misfortune was joined by tears since I knew, back in the gym, I prepared more earnestly than any other person."

In the wake of referencing that he was 30 at that point, Delay looked to decide whether confronting adversaries more youthful than him added to his loss, to which he answered in the negative.

Delay, 41, stated, "Those you met were in their twenties." You’re 30. Assuming that I date you, I become your sugar mummy, I'm simply saying. All in all, assuming you battled were more youthful, could that be the explanation you lost?"

By and by, this turned into a chance for Macbones to repeat his deference for Delay as he offered a conversation starter to determine in the event that she had worries about age.

Do you care about that, he asked? leaving Delay bewildered. She inquired, "About what?"

He explained, "About being more seasoned than me," and the two of them chuckled.

In the underlying phase of the meeting, Macbones was captivated as he transparently communicated his longing to wed Delay.

“Wow!” was the principal word he shouted after being invited to the show. " I can barely handle it," he added when gotten some information about the explanations for his demeanor.

"I can't really accept that I'm situated directly before you," shouted Macbones before he revealed the correspondences he has had with individuals about wedding her. " You can ask Sister Denta; I've generally told her that I will not wed anybody aside from you. God has a plan for meeting you all.

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