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Dani Alves ‘set free’ after paying a million Euro after rape conviction

Former Barcelona player Dani Alves has been liberated from imprisonment in the wake of posting a €1 million (£850,000) bail bond.

He was indicted for assault last month and got a sentence of four years and a half year. Be that as it may, forthcoming his allure, he has been let out of prison in the wake of meeting the bail requirement.

Alves gave his Spanish and Brazilian international IDs over to guarantee specialists that he won't escape the country.

After his initial detention in January 2023, he was incarcerated for a total of 14 months.

Last week, Alves was informed that he could be let out of jail, yet he was unable to manage the cost of the bail bond at that point.

Notwithstanding, he has now figured out how to pay it, in spite of his attorney beforehand expressing that he was monetarily lashed. Intriguingly, the fact that Alves anticipates receiving a substantial payment of €9.2 million from Spain's tax agency may provide an explanation for how he was able to pay the bail.

At first, there were tales that Neymar's family would help Alves in paying the bail, however they have since denied these cases through a conventional proclamation. Dinorah Santana, Alves' ex-wife, has distanced herself from the former Brazil star almost entirely, telling Spanish television, "For me, he doesn't exist.

" As far as I might be concerned, he has kicked the bucket." Presently delivered, Alves anticipates the result of his allure for decide his destiny.


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