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Dani Alves sentenced to four and a half-years imprisonment for rape

A court in Spain has sentenced previous Barcelona and Brazil footballer Dani Alves of assaulting a lady at a club in Barcelona.

One of football's greatest players, the 40-year-old has been given a four-and-a-half-year prison term. Alves, who denied the claims, had been blamed for physically attacking the lady in the early hours of a day in 2022. Alves may file an appeal of the verdict, despite his attorney's request for acquittal. The court found that Alves had baited the lady to a celebrity latrine region in the club and discovered that she didn't agree to the experience. The court cited evidence that supported the victim's testimony in its statement.

Also, Alves has been requested to pay €150,000 (£128,500) in penalties to the person in question. He has been in pre-preliminary confinement since January 2023. During the preliminary, Alves changed his declaration a few times. At first denying knowing the informer, he later conceded to experiencing her in the bathroom yet guaranteed nothing inappropriate occurred. In the long run, he stated that the experience was consensual.

Prosecutors contended that Alves and a companion had purchased champagne for three young ladies, welcoming one to go with him to another area, where he became forceful and constrained her into sex notwithstanding her fights.

Alves, who played over 400 games for Barcelona and was essential for Brazil's 2022 World Cup crew, confronted a nine-year jail term, as mentioned by the indictment. In Spain, convictions for assault can bring about sentences going from four to 15 years. Late legitimate changes focus on assent, known as the "Main Yes will be Yes" guideline.


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