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CPP files injunction application to halt Ejisu by-election

In an effort to halt the Ejisu by-election, the Convention People's Party (CPP) has filed an interlocutory injunction application against the Electoral Commission (EC).

The CPP's move is pointed toward keeping the April 30 by-political decision from continuing until a claim against the Electing Commission, started by Emmanuel Gallo, the Ashanti Provincial Executive of the CPP, looking to prevent one Esther Osei from addressing the party in the, not entirely set in stone.

The party is asking the court to rule that no CPP Constituency Branch Conference has been held in Ejisu to elect Esther Osei or anyone else as a Parliamentary candidate, which is one of the six reliefs it seeks. "That it is recorded that the CPP has not held a Constituency Branch Conference in Ejisu and elected Esther Osei or anyone else as a Parliamentary candidate for consideration and approval by the CPP's Central Committee to be submitted to the Defendant as the CPP's Parliamentary candidate for the said Ejisu Constituency by-election."

The party added that its "Focal Panel has not thought of and supported the said Esther Osei or some other individual to challenge for the ticket and benefit of the CPP as an ideological group, in regards to the Respondent's planned Ejisu Electorate by-political decision. According to the party, any candidate who purports to represent the CPP in the by-election, particularly Esther Osei, has not been officially endorsed through the internal procedures required by the party's constitution.

The CPP fights that the determination of a parliamentary possibility for the supporters ought to include the Electorate Branch Party Meeting, trailed by endorsement from the Focal Panel, which has not happened in this occasion. The CPP is suing for a declaration that the party's Central Committee has not endorsed Esther Osei or any other candidate to run for the CPP in the by-election in the Ejisu Constituency.

The party is looking for a directive from the High Court to end the by-political decision until its cases and still up in the air.


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