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Constitution not perfect but it has served us well – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo says that although the 1992 Constitution isn't a document without flaw however has worked with the peaceful exchange of power among past and present government of the Fourth Republic.

As indicated by him, in spite of the blemishes and requires the change of bits of the constitution to fulfill the new needs of the populace, it should be recognized that it has given the nation better benefits and shut down the earlier long periods of rebellion.

Conveying the Condition of the Country Address on February 27, he expressed that considering the past brutality and the condition of turmoil residents needed to persevere before the presentation of a majority rules government, it should be recognized that the nation is in an ideal situation than it was a long time back.

Despite the fact that President Akufo-Addo recognized that the constitution could be improved, he demands that the accomplishments made so far are exemplary. "Mr Speaker, we in Ghana have had our reasonable part of political flimsiness and trial and error about how we ought to administer ourselves. There may be new names being attributed to a portion of the alleged groundbreaking thoughts being solicited by some today, however I daresay, on close assessment, we would find they are not new, we have attempted them here, and they have fizzled.

We are familiar all-strong, can't be-addressed Saviors, we are familiar deliverers, and we are familiar deliverers and divinities in military uniform.

"It could sound new to some, however we who have been around for some time have heard the contention made energetically that vote based system was not a reasonable type of Government on the off chance that we needed quick turn of events.

A drained contention was consistently utilized by rebellion theological rationalists. "It is likewise not new to host political get-togethers and legislative issues, as a general rule, being maligned, to be sure, there used to be public missions of dread pursued against legislative issues and ideological groups.

It required investment and it took long fights, be that as it may, eventually, an agreement did arise, and we decided on a multi-party vote based type of Government under the Constitution, which introduced the Fourth Republic. "Mr Speaker, it's anything but an ideal report, Constitutions never profess to be; yet it has served us well these beyond 32 (32) years, taking into account where we have come from.

A consecrated report ought not be messed with daintily, in any case, I rush to add, our Constitution didn't slip from paradise, we, Ghanaians, attracted it up to serve our necessities, and we can correct it to suit our changing requirements and conditions," he said.

Following this, he called for partner commitment on the different revisions to arrive at an agreement regarding this situation. "We ought to pursue finding an agreement on the progressions that most of Ghanaians need made to the Constitution," he added.


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