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Conjoined Twins Marieme and Ndeye defy Odds in South Wales

Marieme and Ndeye, conjoined twins who share one set of legs and a pelvis but have their own hearts and spinal cords, have won over many people's hearts with their remarkable tenacity.

Regardless of their remarkable state of being, the twins get nonstop consideration as they explore day to day existence, including going to a standard school in South Ribs close by their companions. Their dad, Ibrahima, depicts them as "contenders," underscoring their assurance to make heads spin and challenge constraints. In their quest for schooling and social cooperation, Marieme and Ndeye epitomize strength and versatility, motivating everyone around them with their immovable soul. "My girls are totally different. Marieme is extremely peaceful, a thoughtful character, yet it's totally unique with Ndeye, she's actual free.

I wouldn't say it's easy, but it's a huge honor. You feel fortunate to observe this consistent fight forever." At the point when the twins were brought into the world in Senegal in 2016, their folks had been anticipating one child. Specialists didn't anticipate that they should live significantly longer than a couple of days. "I was setting myself up to lose them rapidly," Ibrahima told the BBC's Indivisible Sisters narrative.

"The main thing we could do is be close to them and not permit them to walk alone through this excursion. We saw obviously almost immediately that we were managing champions, who cling to life."


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