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‘Confess’ – Sista Afia’s manager rebukes Fancy Gadam

Emmanuel Arhin, the former manager of Ghanaian artist Sista Afia, has stated that Fancy Gadam offered 50,000 cedis to headline the "Solomon Concert" in Tamale, but backed out despite an agreement.

Fancy Gadam is urged to settle the dispute with Sista Afia by the former manager, who emphasizes the importance of mutual support in the music industry and makes the suggestion of intentional sabotage.

Ghanaian performer, Fancy Gadam uncovered the concurrence with Sista Afia was arrived at just a single week to the planned occasion.

"Sista Afia didn't move toward us. Someone contacted me and said they wanted to collaborate on a show. We charged GH¢100,000. Fancy Gadam stated on Tamale radio, "Then she called herself, wanting me to help her, so I took GH50,000 per artiste-to-artiste agreement, which is half of the initial fee."

In addition to the payment, Fancy Gadam stated that he had concerns regarding the event's timing.

Arhin cites management silence and contradictory statements regarding Fancy Gadam's performance fee as reasons for his claim of unprofessionalism against him.


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