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COCOBOD lament over damaged cocoa lands due to galamsey

Workers of the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) encourage the public authority and significant specialists to indict illegal miners.

These workers feature that the miners have broadly harmed lands in cocoa-developing areas the nation over. They state that this movement seriously upsets cocoa creation and results in the deficiency of millions of dollars in income every year for the country. Edward Ampofo, the Laborers' Delegate on the Governing body at Cocobod, communicates worry that inability to satisfactorily resolve the issue could prompt a record low in cocoa creation yields.

"The issue of the cocoa business is becoming somber because of the issue of exercises of this galamsey," he said. Mr. Ampofo related the new securing of a $600 million office pointed toward restoring roughly 600,000 hectares of farmland influenced by enlarged shoot illnesses. He made sense of that following a fruitful program, unlawful excavators vandalized the land looking for mineral assets, subverting the advancement accomplished.

"Galamsey individuals returned and evacuated the cocoa that we had replanted… this cocoa that we have paid pay to ranchers to replant," he added.


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