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Christians now prioritize social media more than the Bible – Eastwood Anaba

The pioneer behind Fountain Gate Chapel, Reverend Eastwood Anaba conveyed a grave admonition about the developing pattern of focusing via virtual entertainment over the study of the Good book among Christians.

Rev. Anaba expressed concern about the widespread tendency for people to spend more time scrolling through social media feeds looking for the latest trends than on their spiritual growth. Featuring the negative effect of this change in needs, he advised that such way of behaving is improper for Christians, as it leads them from their profound association with God.

The reverend accentuated that the charm of virtual entertainment frequently brings about individuals investing more energy taking part in web-based exercises than in submerging themselves in the lessons of the Good book to fortify their confidence.

Moreover, he communicated caution at how virtual entertainment's impact can make a few people live like they won't be considered responsible in eternity.

Rev. Anaba's message to his assemblage was immediate: "Virtual entertainment has drawn you away from your Book of scriptures. The time spent on stages like Facebook and Instagram outperforms the time committed to perusing God's Statement. When did you last plunk down with the Good book for even 60 minutes?" He declared, "Today, I call upon the church to repentance," as a call to action. It is the ideal opportunity for restoration.

It would appear that we are too preoccupied with material pleasures to pay attention to the reality of heaven and hell. However, it is designated unto man to bite the dust once, and after that comes judgment. Judgment is unavoidable, so adjusting your life to God's will is vital."


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