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Chop bar vendor involved in murder in Krobo allegedly arrested

The Chop bar vendor who is purportedly engaged with the homicide of three ladies in However she has denied her association in the claims evened out against her by Richard Tetteh.

A self-admitted executioner has uncovered how he did the homicide of three people at the command of a slash bar administrator. A video circling via web-based entertainment, purportedly showing Richard Tetteh, being grilled, portrays him situated in an office, bound, clad in broken down shorts and a Shirt, handling questions.

He concedes, "Somebody said she needed body liquids of dead bodies for something, liquids from the mouth and vaginal region," he is heard admitting. "She is a lady who works a slash bar as of now". "Assuming that she needs more, when I'm passing by she draws my consideration. She paid me 500 Ghana cedis for every activity".

the Krobo region has been supposedly been captured by Ghana police. His implied crime location is accepted to be in the Odumase Krobo locale, where a few homicide cases have happened. One such occurrence, in February 2024, involved the disclosure of a lady's body, accepted to be in her 30s, close to the Otorkporlu Scaffold off the Odumase-Asesewa Expressway.

Reports recommend the casualty was seen as to some degree unclothed, with indications of extreme viciousness, including the evacuation of her tongue and privates.


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