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Choosing your cousin over me is crazy – Medikal tells it all in failed marriage with Fela

Medikal, a rapper from Ghana, has expressed his grief on social media following the breakup of his marriage to Fela Makafui, his ex-wife.

Medikal cited a number of factors that contributed to the decline in their relationship, recalling their earlier blissful union. His dissatisfaction with Fela Makafui's unsuccessful business ventures despite significant investments, his suggestion that she undergo liposuction after giving birth, and his efforts to present her with opulent gifts are among these. Be that as it may, the limit for Medikal came when Fela permitted her cousin to live in their conjugal home for a considerable length of time.

Medikal communicated his disappointment, expressing that he had endured the cousin's presence without grievance up to this point requesting that she leave, which drove Fela to include the Ghana Police. Medikal voiced his hurt, scrutinizing Fela's choice to focus on her cousin over him after all that he had accomplished for her. I did not object when your cousin stayed with me for two years.

Recently, you called the Ghanaian police to come and arrest me after I told her to live in my house. How might you pick your cousin over me who has done such countless things for you. How?” Mediakl asked in a condescending tone.


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