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Chiefs are not mandated to stand for president – Prof Atuguba to chieftaincy ministry

The Dean of the University of Ghana School of Law has reprimanded the Ministry of Chieftaincy’s recent advisory to traditional leaders concerning customary protocols at occasions including the President, considering it improper.

Prof. Raymond Atuguba stated that, rather than attempting to justify the President's actions in a viral video in which he instructed some chiefs to stand and greet him, the Ministry's statement should have taken a different approach. Akufo-Addo's public actions, like telling chiefs to stand up and greet people at events, have sparked debates about how to strike a delicate balance between state and traditional protocols.

Answering comparative feelings, the Service focused on the practice of recognizing authority, including the custom of bosses standing while hello the President at public occasions, as an epitome of Ghana's legacy and customs. However, Prof. Atuguba disagreed with this position, arguing that the Ministry of Chieftaincy should not issue such statements.

During a meeting on the AM show on Accra-put together Satisfaction News television with respect to Thursday, May 2, 2024, he expressed, "they ought to have some better sense, they ought to realize that whoever goes to the royal residence of the Asantehene shouldn't anticipate that the Asantehene should ascend for him.

"They ought to realize that whoever goes to the castle of the Okyenhene shouldn't anticipate that the Okyenhene should ascend for him. The Yagbonwura will not rise for anyone who enters the palace of the Yagbonwura. He believes that the Ministry's statement refers to an insufficient constitutional provision. He continued, "In their land, they have obeisance from their people," citing Article 270 (1) as one that grants the chiefs authority to direct affairs.

When you enter that land and you go into a conventional or standard meeting or occasion, Article 270 (1) kicks in. You need to leave the event if you don't want it to apply. Prof. Atuguba suggested that the Ministry should not have issued a press release in support of President Akufo-Addo in light of these factors.

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