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Charterhouse to establish Ghana Music Hall of Fame as part its 25th anniversary celebration

CEO of the entity behind the yearly Ghana Music Awards, Charterhouse Productions, Lady Theresa Ayoade, has divulged goals to lay out a Hall of Fame Museum commemorating the Organization’s 25th anniversary.

The journey towards the revamped Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) started yesterday with the revealing of nominees fully expecting the honors service booked for June 1, 2024. Tending to participants at the send off of the 25th-commemoration festivity, Lady Ayoade illustrated the Association's arrangements for the celebrations, underscoring a specific accentuation on the Ghana Music Hall of Fame initiative.

"This year being our commemoration year is unique, and one initiative we consider exceptional is the Ghana Music Hall of Fame project. "The Ghana Music Hall of Fame will be an exhibition hall to praise our melodic history, with exceptional accentuation on the Ghana Music Grants Awards throughout recent years.

"It is a significant undertaking, and we are right now looking for assets to empower us to execute it before the last occasion on June 1, 2024. "We are confident about it to run like one month before the main occasion day to provide individuals with an encounter of Ghanaian music and to likewise frame part of Ghana’s tourism contributions," she said.


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