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Challenges in creative arts industry also part of Funny Face’s problems – Shatta Wale

Recently, Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale said that the problems the comedian Funny Face is having are similar to the problems in the creative industry.

Through a Facebook post, the dancehall sensation underscored that Funny Face's difficulties stretch out past simple relationship burdens. "The innovative expressions industry should break the pattern of self-discipline through gloom and dissatisfaction.

Now is the right time to shout out and look for help. What's going on with Funny Face is more than just a marital problem; it's also a sign of bigger problems with our creative industries' systems. We should recognize the brokenness in our designs and quit imagining all is great. Shout out, it's the ideal opportunity for change!! Sorry my sibling Funny face ,May God see you through," he composed on Facebook.

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, Funny Face, famous both as a comic and entertainer, was engaged with an auto collision in Kasoa, situated in Ghana's Focal Locale. Film flowing via virtual entertainment portrayed concerned observers accumulated around the entertainer on that Sunday night. An observer related hearing a crash not long after leaving their own vehicle.

After turning, they saw funny Face's vehicle crashing into a lady joined by two kids and a man on a motorbike. Reports demonstrate that the harmed parties were immediately taken to the clinic for clinical consideration. Funny Face had made it clear in recent weeks that he was having trouble connecting with his three children because his ex-girlfriend wouldn't let him see them.

The humorist, who had recently fought sorrow and looked for treatment, seemed, by all accounts, to be wrestling with profound flimsiness coming from the continuous clash with his previous accomplice. This present circumstance had kept him from seeing his youngsters for the beyond four years.

In a piercing demeanor of his misery, funny Face had as of late communicated his aim to migrate and begin once more trying to move away from his pain.

This statement went before the appalling mishap.


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