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Celestine Donkor apologizes for Ewe surnames comments

Cherished Gospel vocalist from Ghana, Celestine Donkor as of late put out an open acknowledgment for comments made during a TV3 interview that started discussion.

In the meeting, Donkor and the host, Cookie Tee (Shirelly Emma Tiblilla), took part in chitchat about Ewe last names, communicating inclinations for "lighter" names over what they portrayed as "heavy" Ewe names. This discussion drew analysis from virtual entertainment clients who blamed them for taunting Ewe culture. Donkor took to virtual entertainment on May 15, 2024, to communicate lament for her words, underlining her pride in her Ewe legacy and explaining that the comments were implied jokingly and not intelligent of her actual sentiments.

"I granted an interview on Today’s Woman on TV3, and when I found the host, Treat Tee, is an Ewe, I just got energized, and we began kidding about the greatness of our Ewe family names. It was only a joke that surfaced in a discussion. "Incredibly, from every one of the remarks I've perused up to this point, it ends up being a terrible joke, a costly joke. Also, who am I? I'm simply human. More often than not, when we go on these meetings, however much we have a good nature and an unmistakable psyche, it's not all that you say that will be satisfying to someone, as I'm heartbroken," she said.

She recognized that humor doesn't necessarily in all cases land well with everybody and apologized for any offense caused. "What's more, this will not the slightest bit discolor my pride as an Ewe. I have demonstrated throughout the long term in my music process that I am an extremely, glad Ewe. Furthermore, literally nothing will change that reality. Anybody who has genuinely followed me knows that I'm extremely glad for it. "With affection and regard to every one of you. I take every one of the remarks sincerely. I decipher them as a declaration of your affection.

The people who love you are the individuals who right you when you're off-base. So thank you kindly, and I'll continue to give my all," she closed. The vocalist insisted her profound regard for the Ewe language, calling it an otherworldly language and urged her devotees to consider the occurrence to be a learning a valuable open door.

She expressed gratitude toward them for their criticism and guaranteed them that her pride in being Ewe stays unfaltering.


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