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"By the grace of God, we rejected bribes during Xmas" - Ghana Police Service

Some police staff on watch patrol during the Christmas festivity have disclosed that they dismissed pay-offs from regular people.

The revelation was made on Monday, January 15, 2024, at the Police Central command, during a post-op interview meeting of police tasks during the happy period.

In 2021, research conducted by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) identified the Ghana Police Service as one of the nation's most corrupt institutions.

The Ghana Statistical Service was found to be the most corrupt of the 23 institutions sampled in research conducted in 2022 by other stakeholders involved in the fight against corruption.

In any case, the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare said the force won't ever acknowledge the tag of being the most corrupt organization in the country.

He however challenged the basis of the research and and deemed it questionable.

A few social observers say there appears now to be a cognizant work to reestablish the picture of the police service.

Sharing their experiences and proposals to the IGP, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, a portion of the officials made it known that individuals from the public offered them cash during their snap-check operations however they dismissed it 'by God's Grace.'

"I, first of all, thank our IGP and POMAG individuals for this general assignment he gave us during Christmas. Sir, one thing we discovered while on duty was that the Senior Officers advise us on extortion whenever they send us on duty. At the point when we go out there as well, really, a portion of these regular citizens like to be giving us cash. Be that as it may, by God's grace, we generally reject this sort of cash." General Constable Sowu stated.

One more individual from the police watch group verified General Constable Sowu's case.

“The majority of the drivers also, a driver... tried to give some of our people money, but they refused,” the driver said. They feel that police are continuously accepting kickbacks and different things."

The Chief General responsible for Organization at the Ghana Police Administration, COP Christian Tetteh Yohunu urged the officials to keep on avoiding pay off.

"The affirmation given by the men is that every one of the endeavors to pay them off, they dismissed them and that is credit to them. We want to tell the other police officers who are not part of these stars' galaxy but are at home and preparing to go to work that they should follow these people's lead and ensure that they reject anything given to them. At the point when we keep on doing this, I let you know a period will come when Ghana Police Administration, won't ever show up in any debasement rating" he said.

As per him, "the monies that they will give you on the road fail to help you. It is a revile so don't get it. Continue to concentrate on your work and shame those who try to bribe you.

Complimenting Dr. Akuffo Dampare on the snap-designated spot drive, different officials requested that the IGP keep up with the snap-designated spot activities and believe associate officials should quit convoluting their work.

"I've seen exactly couple of things about the snap-check. I recommend that it ought not be shut down yet rather our kindred police officers ought to be accomplished on the grounds that presently they've understood that we are no additional halting them and actually taking a look at them so they might stop in the street until you let them know they ought to move before they go, making the work troublesome. Therefore, I propose that we improve men's education so that the snap-checkpoint operation can continue."

The IGP additionally approached the general population to continue to help the police service in its journey to fix its image.

"I thank the great individuals of Ghana for obliging our deficiencies as you proceed to valuably censure us, for us to utilize our feeling of responsibility and disgrace to keep on being better. We'll keep on endeavoring to turn into the best organization in the nation and a reference point until the end of Africa. We realize that it is achievable," he ended.


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