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Budumburam demolition kills pregnant woman, leaves two-year-old son in critical condition

A heartbreaking occasion happened in Gomoa Budumburam, bringing about the passing of a pregnant lady and leaving her two-year-old child in basic condition after their home was wrecked in a mass removal activity.

The lady, referred to just as Serwaa, lost her life soon after being raced to St. Gregory Emergency clinic, while her child stays in basic condition at a similar clinical office. Onlookers announced that Serwaa was sleeping in her room when the destruction started, getting her and her family unsuspecting.

The Conventional Experts in Gomoa Fetteh started the mass expulsion about a month prior subsequent to recovering the land, which had been distributed to Liberian outcasts during the Liberian battle for resettlement. Stephen Gyamera, the property manager of the crushed house, communicated shock over the episode, expressing that different inhabitants were uninformed that Serwaa was inside her room at the hour of the destruction.

An onlooker, Gifty Ankrah, addressing Citi News, said, "The machine has been wrecking our structures for more than a month at this point. We are astonished at how the customary expert in Gomoa Fetteh is setting out on the destruction. Curiously, no administration official has expressed anything about the demonstration.

"Ladies and kids have rested outside for north of a month since the destruction began.

Such a long ways north of 5,000 residents and Liberian evacuees have been delivered destitute, including ladies and kids."


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