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British traveller seated next to wife passes away during trip

A man from England passed on while he was flying with his better half from the Falkland Islands to Chile.

The 59-year-old individual, whose name has not been given, was flying with Chilean airline LATAM to Punta Fields on Saturday when he died.

The Chilean police met the plane when it showed up at Carlos Ibanez del Campo Air terminal. They don't completely accept that the man's passing was brought about by a wrongdoing. Diego Díaz, Representative Magistrate of the expert unit in Punta Fields, said that criminal investigators from the Punta Fields Manslaughter Detachment went to Carlos Ibanez del Campo Air terminal following a 59-year-old English vacationer kicked the bucket on a plane going from the Falkland Islands to Punta Fields before his corresponding flight to Santiago, adhering to guidelines from neighborhood examiners.

'The man's significant other was gotten clarification on pressing issues and said he had different medical conditions.

‘ A post mortem, which is an assessment of a dead body, is supposed to happen today or tomorrow to figure out why he kicked the bucket.


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