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Bogoso-Prestea Mine is collapsing, save it – Angry chiefs tell Government

Traditional leaders in the Prestea Huni-Valley District of the Western Region have communicated disappointment with the new owners of the Bogoso Prestea mine, Global Resources (FGR).

The bosses assert that FGR has neglected to satisfy its guarantee to redo the mine since assuming control over the concession from Golden Star Resources in September 2021. Communicating their dissatisfaction at a joint news conference held at Himan on Tuesday, February 13, the bosses condemned the public authority and digging area controllers for not mediating regardless of various requests. They stressed the critical requirement for the public authority to do whatever it takes to defend the mine, which they guarantee represents a security danger and adversely influences the neighborhood economy in its present status. As indicated by the bosses,

FGR gave just an oral intend to redoing the mine after the securing, and notwithstanding mentioning a conventional record, the organization disregarded their supplication. The bosses presently state that FGR misses the mark on monetary limit and innovation to upgrade mine turn of events, and the ongoing circumstance is causing a decrease in tasks, presenting security dangers and prompting diligent robbery and hardware crumbling. “Nananom [Chiefs] realized, after observing FGR's operations for two years, that FGR lacks the financial capacity and technology to enhance the mine's development.

The organization couldn't submit either present moment or long haul plans for their activity at whatever point partners mentioned" Nana Nteboa Pra IV, Divisional Head of Himan Prestea said at the news meeting. The bosses communicated dissatisfaction in the public authority's absence of activity following their request submitted in August 2023 and asked the media to zero in for enormous scope mining firms' consistence with public guidelines. “Unfortunately, the minister has not provided Nananom [Chiefs] with any feedback, and all stakeholders whose names were included in the petition have chosen to remain silent. It is lamentable to express that what Nananom [Chiefs] anticipated and forewarned the clergyman and all mining-related administrative offices is precisely exact thing is occurring.

Despite the workers' and community leaders' awareness of the situation, all government agencies, CBOs, and NGOs appear unconcerned about the collapse of the Bogoso Prestea operation, the chiefs lamented. They likewise requested a reaction to their appeal and underlined their craving to be perceived as key partners in the goal of the FGR issues, supporting for trustworthy financial backers that benefit the local area. The news gathering included the Divisional Bosses and seniors of FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine from different conventional regions, including Himan-Prestea, Mbease Nsuta, Beppo, Bogoso-Kokoase, Ehyireso, and Adamanso.


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