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Black Stars coach search committee is useless, it must be disbanded immediately – Ablakwa to GFA

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the MP for North Tongu, has demanded that the search committee that was set up by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to find a new coach for the Black Stars be immediately disbanded.

Underscoring the need for an extensive redo of the nation's brandishing system, he advocates for the plan of a public games strategy to direct wearing and related exercises in Ghana.

Recently, Mr. Ablakwa said that the Ministry of Youth and Sports had budgeted $8.5 million for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) without getting permission from the parliamentary body.

The North Tongu legislator addressed journalists in Kumasi and urged the GFA to suspend the committee in charge of hiring a new coach. He also emphasized the absence of a national sports policy and the significance of strategic planning for Ghana's football development.

He proposed a suspension of global brandishing rivalries to resolve major issues, expressing, "There's an ideal requirement for us as a country to redesign donning divisions of our country. I'm horrified that Ghana doesn't have a public games strategy. You continue to employ mentors, what is the vision for our games football specifically? What is the arrangement for our foundation? Ghana doesn't have a FIFA-guaranteed pitch, what's going on with the chiefs of football? Let's get back to the basics, suspend all of these international sporting competitions that have made us look bad.

We don't need to rush for coaches; how many coaches are we going to have in a few months? That committee—the coach search committee—should be disbanded.

Ablakwa indicated driving a bipartisan parliamentary test into the financial plan for the AFCON 2023 competition, stating that spending public assets without parliamentary endorsement is unlawful and unlawful.

"It's vital to stress that what has continued so far is obviously unlawfulness and illicitness. Parliamentary approval is required before spending public funds. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the GFA never presented the Black Stars budget to parliament while I was a member of parliament. They had the bravado and audacity to inform us that when they return, they would use public funds, and they would then prepare an account and inform us of the budget.

He promised to introduce a movement to Speaker Alban Bagbin, requiring an extensive bipartisan parliamentary investigation into the matter.

Ghana's presentation in AFCON 2023, where they left without a success, provoked the GFA to get a sense of ownership with the shoddy mission. In a proclamation, the GFA recognized missing the mark regarding assumptions and swore to resolve the issues prompting the group's disappointing exhibition.


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