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The Senior Pastor of International Praise Centre Baptist Church in London, Rev. Claude Halm has deeply expressed his utmost concern about knife crimes in the UK, especially in the black community.

Speaking to Daniel Dadson, the host of FRONTLINE MORNING SHOW on Rainbow Radio 92.4FM in London, Bishop Claude Halm stated it clear that, the black community needs to do more to safeguard knife crime in the UK.

According to him, the strongest arm of the black community in the United Kingdom is the church and as a Pastor, he has seen lots of knife crimes within black people that are definitely connected to families who are in the church.

He said, one thing he has noticed is the culture of insensitivity because most of the black children don`t spend time with each other like they do on social media and gadgets. He added that, the black community is affected the most so far as knife crime is concerned. Therefore, the black community should bring back the community feeling and educate the youngsters to know that they are one people.

He concluded by saying that the Black Churches and Pastors are failing the young people by not doing the necessary things that need to be done. He said, a lot of black churches pay big men of God to fly from Africa to come minister to the people but these same churches can`t pay mentors to spend time and speak to the difficult children and that is very sad.

Elianne Andam died from a severe neck injury after being attacked in front of horrified school friends at around 8.30am on Wednesday 27th September, 2023.

Her death has prompted an outpouring of grief from the community, with her family saying “their lives have fallen apart” after her tragic and sudden death.

You can watch the interview below:


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