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Big Akwes’ wife rejects advice to divorce her husband

Freda, the wife of eminent Ghanaian entertainer Big Akwes, has reaffirmed her commitment to their marriage in the midst of twirling divorce bits of hearsay.

In a sincere revelation, Freda tended to the hypothesis encompassing her relationship with Big Akwes, underscoring their getting through bond regardless of outer tales. Excusing the bits of hearsay as unwarranted creations circled via virtual entertainment, Freda explained that their marriage isn't nearly disintegration, in opposition to sensationalized reports.

During a live meeting on TikTok, Freda transparently communicated her obligation to remain by her significant other, no matter what any endeavors by anonymous people to plant strife. "I need the people who have been adversely affecting my significant other to comprehend that I am solidly close by.

In spite of the misleading bits of gossip twirling around us, our marriage is more grounded than at any other time," Freda stated. Her relentless statement remains as areas of strength for a to late hypotheses alluding to turmoil in their relationship.

Freda's unflinching devotion features her purpose to endure any difficulties and maintain the holiness of her marriage with Big Akwes.


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