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Bel company accused of using same production line for alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages

Concerned Muslim Youths has accused Bel Beverages, the company behind the alcoholic beverage Bel Ice and the bottled water Bel Aqua, of using the same production line for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

Alhaji Shamuna Baako, tending to the gathering's interests at the National Mosque, communicated disappointment with Bel Drinks' supposed mixing of liquor with non-alcoholic items.

He alluded to likely activity against the organization.

On January 26, 2024, the Muslim Youths held a press conference at the National Mosque and claimed to have credible information indicating that Bel Beverages uses the same production line for Bel Aqua and other beverages, particularly Bel Ice, which contains alcohol.

Refering to Section 5 of the Quran, the gathering contended that synchronous creation of alcoholic and non-cocktails utilizing a similar line goes against Islamic convictions, as Islam disallows liquor utilization.

They ask Bel Drinks to isolate the creation of alcoholic and non-cocktails.

Additionally, the Muslim Youths claim that Bel Beverages employs minors to promote Bel Ice on Instagram and TikTok, a practice they claim is in violation of Article 28 of the 1992 Constitution and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Concerned Muslim Young people approach administrative bodies, including the Food and Medications Authority (FDA), to speedily explore the cases and make a suitable move in the event that the organization is found to blame.

They emphasize how urgently this issue must be addressed.

The organization issued a warning, stating that if they do not take corrective action, they will inform the entire Muslim community that Bel products are prohibited and harmful, in violation of Islamic principles.

It's vital that Samuel Bempong, a concerned resident, as of late presented a request to the FDA and the Service of Orientation, encouraging an examination concerning Bel Drinks for supposedly utilizing minors to advance Bel Ice via web-based entertainment.


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