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DON'T Rely On A Pastor Or A Church. Invest In Yourself and your Salvation. - Prophet Percy Dankwa

Updated: Jan 12

Prophet Michael Percy Dankwa is the Founder and Leader of Spirit Filled Church in Amsterdam, He is a spiritual son of Rev. Eastwood Anaba and has served him for many years. He's Recently asked the general public, especially Christians to invest in themselves spiritually and Physically making their salvation a priority so as to make themselves better people in life instead of going around looking for better pastors and better churches.

This was cited by agmediahouse in a post he made on his facebook on Friday, January 7 2024 as part of his new year quotes and it categorically states, "STOP LOOKING FOR A BETTER PASTOR AND A BETTER CHURCH, START MAKING YOURSELF A BETTER MEMBER THEN YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE"

Prophet Percy Dankwa is a young vibrant Spirit-filled preacher with an extraordinary Prophetic and teaching Ministry.

He's Authored several life transforming books and has been a great Prophetic and evangelistic voice speaking the mind of God in various churches and nations around the world.

His ministry style coupled with simplicity and humility has made him one of the prolific voices in Amsterdam and now penetrating into the global world with sound doctrine to help build the body of Christ.

Hes Married with kids and enjoy sightseeing with his Family.

Connect with him via his Facebook and Instagram accounts @ Michael Percy Dankwa

Watch his Life transforming videos on YouTube via the link below


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