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Bawumia visits YOLO star ‘Drogba’ at his residence amid ailing condition

VP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia paid a sincere visit to the home of John Peasah, otherwise called Drogba from the famous television series YOLO, as the entertainer fights with demyelination, a nerve problem influencing his vision and development.

Drogba's finding has pointed out his battle, provoking VP Bawumia to offer his feelings and backing during a visit to the entertainer's home on Tuesday, March 12.

The VP's presence was heartily invited by Drogba's family, featuring the solidarity and empathy displayed towards the cherished entertainer during his difficult time.

The visit highlights the significance of fortitude and backing despite health adversity, with Bawumia's gesture representing the country's consideration for one of its regarded social figures.


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