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Bawumia needs to be fact-checked – Prof Gyampo on Feb 7 address

President of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), University of Ghana Chapter, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has required a careful reality checking of the cases made by Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in regards to digitization accomplishments, following the NPP presidential candidate’s recent address to the nation.

In his analysis of Dr. Bawumia's presentation on February 7, 2024, Prof Gyampo recognized the emphasis on digitization as a focal topic of the location, depicting the expected effect of digitization strategies on improvement as "obvious and tremendous."

In any case, the Teacher communicated worries about how the data was introduced to people in general.

He noticed that while Dr Bawumia underscored the accomplishments of digitization, a considerable lot of these achievements ought to have been notable to Ghanaians in advance.

Further, he brought up that the show made these accomplishments sound new to the crowd, raising questions about the exactness of the cases.

Gyampo's call for truth checking comes amidst increased political talk and examination as Ghana gets ready for the impending decisions.

Prof. Gyampo is of the opinion that in light of the fact that digitization policies are a significant component of the government's agenda, it is essential for the electorate to make well-informed decisions by ensuring that achievements are presented in an accurate and transparent manner.

Thus, Gyampo accentuated the requirement for intensive truth checking of the cases made by Dr. Bawumia to guarantee their veracity.

He recommended that free check of the data would be fundamental to affirm the exactness of the digitization accomplishments promoted by the NPP official applicant.

“This was essentially an expression of accomplishments and vision, primarily in the broader context of digitization. To be honest, the various manifestations of this overarching policy and what it can do to promote development are incontrovertible and enormous. Presumably it framed the interlaced focal subject of the show.

"Sadly, Ghanaians needed to hold on to be enlightened seriously concerning how digitization has helped them by the man himself, in a way that makes a considerable lot of the accomplishments which ought to have been for some time known, sound new. As a result, it might be necessary to verify many of the claims by checking the facts. Prof Gyampo made these cases after Dr Bawumia tended to the country on Feb 7, 2024. Compose a news story with an emphasis on the Reality really look at perspective," he added.


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