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“Award is a mere illusion, it’s just plastic“ – R2Bees perspective on award schemes

Renowned music duo R2Bees, made out of Omar Sterling (Paedae) and Mugeez, as of late stood in opposition to their viewpoint on awards and why they focus on influence over honors.

Paedae underlined their position, zeroing in on affecting lives through their music as opposed to pursuing honors. He shared how their previous battles, including fundamental necessities like food, molded their viewpoint. In spite of their ongoing accomplishment with worthwhile open doors from live shows, streaming, and supports, they stay apathetic regarding awards, taking into account them as simple deceptions that don't reflect genuine ability and difficult work.

"awards is a simple deception, it's a plastic. At the point when you win an honor, pride and in life anything amplifies your self image will kill you. So no need placing your expectation and life in commendations and acknowledgment, it will kill you," Paedae expressed. He featured the risks of inner self expansion and how putting a lot of accentuation on grants can be unfavorable.

"We live in a bountiful world and we are committing suicide with rivalry. For you to win an honor, it implies somebody needs to lose, for what reason mightn't we at any point all success together? Putting a lot of accentuation on grants is where our industry has missed the point," he expressed. Paedae said, "grant plot isn't so much as an occasion that celebrates artistes in light of the fact that the majority of them will return home miserable.

Everyone has buckled down, for you to be designated it implies you've done so indeed, so for what reason didn't individuals and the board like it to cast a ballot you as victor." Paedae likewise uncovered that a considerable lot of their honors are kept with companions who gathered them for their benefit, further scrutinizing the motivation behind grant plans in praising ability.

The couple's point of view difficulties the business' attention on rivalry and features the significance of significant effect over honors that may not be guaranteed to address genuine progress.


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