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Assistant pastor passes away during an encounter with hook up girl in Kenya

David Kiplangat, a 60-year-old senior who likewise filled in as an associate minister at a SDA church in Ketitui, met a surprising death while going through a night at a housing in Kapsoit, situated in Kenya's Kericho region, joined by a female friend.

The lifeless body of Kiplangat was found by the lady, who expeditiously informed the housing's administration prior to running away from the area.

Belgut sub-county police leader Charles Kibati apparently affirmed the occurrence, expressing that Kiplangat was tracked down dead with no apparent wounds and with no attire.

At the scene, a used contraceptive was discovered.

He was tracked down dead with no apparent wounds. He had no garments at that point," he is cited to have said.

The body has been moved to the funeral home of the Kericho Province Referral Hospital, where an autopsy is planned.

In the mean time, agents are effectively chasing after prompts find and distinguish the one who was in the company of Kiplangat.

This terrible occurrence isn't the first of its sort in the district. In a comparable event last year, a Catholic minister from St. Peters Ruai died under puzzling conditions in a hotel.

The cleric, joined by a lady portrayed as his sweetheart, was raced to the medical clinic subsequent to feeling unwell. Sadly, he was articulated dead upon appearance.

As per the previous case's police report, the cleric's better half had alarmed the inn the executives when he began feeling bleary eyed and oblivious.

The cleric died in his vehicle, with white froth overflowing from his mouth and nose.

The body was then taken to the Mater Hospital mortuary in Nairobi for an autopsy, and the drinks and food they ate on their night out were looked at for evidence.

Concerns about the safety and well-being of individuals, particularly those in religious positions, while engaging in personal activities outside of their pastoral duties are being raised as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding Assistant Pastor David Kiplangat's death. Similarities with previous incidents raise these concerns.

Investigations are ongoing to unwind the secrets behind these awful occasions.


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