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Arctic Blast Reaches UK: Heavy Snow Next Week - Met Office

The weather forecasters have predicted more snow for the county in its long-range forecast, saying that snow could fall on Wednesday next week (January 17).

The forecaster has said that snow is predicted from around 6pm and will continue until the end of the day, and there is a chance it could continue into Thursday morning as well.

The Met Office said earlier this week that from the weekend things would be getting colder as an 'Arctic blast' struck the UK. Until then Essex is due to stay dry but be quite cold, with temperatures sitting around the 4 and 5C mark, but with wind chill and will feel more like 2C.

This weekend is due to be very overcast but it is unlikely to rain (or snow). However, Monday next week will bring a burst of winter sunshine before becoming steadily more cloudy until the snow on Wednesday evening.


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