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“Apart from Accra, there is no Ghana” – Half-naked man protests at premises of parliament

A unidentified man enthusiastically communicated his dissatisfaction over the glaring abberations being developed across Ghana, singling out the capital city, Accra, as the sole beneficiary of acknowledgment.

Wearing worn out shorts and half-stripped, the ardent young fellow lamented the absence of advancement in areas outside Accra. He underlined that different regions, like Prestea in the Western District, known for its gold assets, are perceptibly denied of fundamental turn of events.

The anonymous individual contended for a more fair circulation of improvement, encouraging specialists to address the unevenness and guarantee that progress arrives at all edges of the country. As the video got momentum on the web, it started conversations via virtual entertainment about the requirement for comprehensive and broad advancement systems in Ghana.

"A spot like Prestea in the Western Locale which gloats of Gold needs improvement."

Watch video below:


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