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Angry residents set ablaze truck allegedly transporting excavator to forest

A few furious occupants of Sabronum in the Ahafo Ano South East District of the Ashanti Region on Monday, January 15, 2024, obstructed and set a truck burning, thinking it to move an excavator for unlawful mining in a forest reserve.

Obscure people, reportedly supported by local authorities, transported an excavator to the forest, setting off inhabitants' alert over possible unlawful mining.

The occupants opposed the truck's flight, impeding it and consuming the truck in fight. They have promised to go against any unlawful mining exercises.

During a fight in Sabronum, one individual, Bismarck Ankamaah, confronted a supposed assault and sustained extreme blade wounds after the hooligans blamed him for prompting the truck pyro-crime when it carried a backhoe to a forest reserve.

He has been injured in the leg, arm, and back and has since been released from the medical clinic.

Ankamaah told Citi News about his ordeal, saying, "I heard an announcement from the Assembly Member at about 2 a.m. on Monday that some people are bringing in an excavator to engage in mining." I saw a singular settling on a telephone decision, and I heard him say the vehicle had shown up. Afterward, I saw that the truck came. A few inhabitants had assembled and impeded the street."

"I was undermined by one of them. I later understood the vehicle was set burning, then my significant other requested that I get my children from her mom's room. While at my better half's shop, the hooligans known as 1,000 Burglars jumped on me. As I battled with them, they utilized cleavers and sticks to thrash me and caused wounds for me."

Occupants dread contamination of the essential water hotspot for homegrown and water system needs on the off chance that unlawful mining continues.

They cautioned of definitive activity assuming that the backhoe stays locally.

Regardless of government endeavors, unlawful mining stays a test in the Ano South East Locale, making pressure nearby. The circumstance is currently tense.


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