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Alan Kyerematen vows to prioritize support for orphaned and disadvantaged children if elected president

Founder and leader of the Movement for for Change, Alan Kyerematen, has swore to offer tangible help to orphaned and disadvantaged kids if elected President in the impending December 7 polls.

Kyerematen made it clear that he would make changes to the social welfare department and give it the money it needs to be able to better meet the needs of children who are at risk.

During his mission visit, Kyerematen encountered orphaned children asking for alms at the Bantama market, an encounter that supported his assurance to focus on the government assistance of ignored kids.

Accordingly, he underscored the significance of making market-based help habitats and conveying fundamental administrations like instructing, guiding, medical care, and nourishing help to these kids. "These focuses will act as shelters of security and backing, sustaining their material requirements as well as their profound and mental prosperity," Kyerematen commented in a Facebook post.

Kyerematen emphasized the need for collective action to ensure that every child, regardless of their circumstances, receives the care and support they deserve, highlighting his vision for inclusive governance. He underscored the job of sympathy and proactive measures in building a future where no kid is abandoned. "Whenever depended with the administration, not entirely set in stone than any other time in recent memory to focus on the government assistance of disregarded kids," Kyerematen attested.

"Through sympathy and activity, we can fabricate a future where no kid is abandoned, starting with drives established in our business sectors." Kyerematen's obligation to tending to the predicament of stranded and burdened youngsters highlights the significance of social government assistance drives in advancing comprehensive turn of events and protecting the privileges of weak populaces.

As Ghana plans for the impending decisions, Kyerematen's vow resounds with the yearnings of numerous residents who focus on the prosperity and security of kids as a foundation of public advancement.


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