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Agogo based Salt 95.9 FM shut down

The specific reason for the closure of Salt 95.9 FM in Agogo has not yet been disclosed by security agencies.

Reports propose that security officials attacked the station on Tuesday, disconnecting equipment to authorize the closure.

The station's proprietor, Ohene Kwame Frimpong, had supposedly coordinated a health walk in Agogo on Sunday, February 4, 2024.

In any case, security offices mediated without a second to spare, refering to the Public Order Act and guaranteeing that Frimpong had not appropriately notified the police about the public gathering and street procession.

The closure of the radio station has ignited speculation and conversations inside the Agogo community.

A large crowd gathered at the station on Tuesday afternoon in search of current events-related information.

Some youth, decorated with red arm bands, participated festive dancing accompanied by brass band music at the station’s frontage. Further updates on this situation are expected.


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