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Afua Asantewaa blames power outages for her GWR disqualification

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum suggests that blackouts during her Guinness World Record sing-a-thon endeavor could have added to her disqualification.

She uncovered that during the singing marathon in December 2023, a 45-minute power cut impeded her possibilities breaking the record. All things considered, still up in the air to seek after her objective, as beside meaning to establish another standard, she considered it to be an open door to showcase Ghanaian music to a global audience.

"At Akwaaba village there was a plant, however it was removed. Be that as it may, we had somebody who supported us with a generator. There was a day when the light went off and when they were exchanging, it burst into flames. It was ECG. The lights went off and I will say that it was 10 minutes. Truly, if you were to ask me I figure GTA and my group will be the best individuals to answer in light of the fact that around then, I wouldn't have a clue about the best period when it worked out.

Everything was off, the time, Dj, everything. The light went in the middle of between an hour time span. You asked that exactly when the lights went off, I accepted the endeavor had fizzled, correct? The intention of this endeavor was not to surrender. Allow me to lay out a point, in any event, when my voice went off I might have halted," she said.

"As human as I'm, I felt it yet there are different sides to it. At the point when I even lost my voice… It reached a place how my voice went off and I was unable to talk by any means. With that, I accomplished in excess of five-minute breaks, that was the first I experienced.

Nonetheless, what I can be sure of is that no matter what the test I completed the endeavor. Indeed, even the people who entered the box… ," She said when Halifax Ansah Addo inquired as to whether she realized the power cuts assumed a part in her not breaking the record.

She proceeded "I recall my health team, the psychologist continued to ask me do you recollect for what reason you began this thus when he asks I let him know I recollect. Halifax, the primary explanation was to project Ghanaian music. Halifax, when we were done they requested the recordings since we even neglected to fastrack something to get a certificate. It wasn't just the technical error, even children that came there weren't permitted."

Responding to this, Franklin Cudjoe in a post on Facebook said "Afua's bombed endeavor at breaking the GWR singathon was essentially brought about by DUM(power blackout) and the genset that might have supported required as long as 45 minutes to kick in light of the fact that it was broken.

Well Afua Asantewaa Aduonum accepts despite the fact that the episode affected her attempt, she didn't think the opposition needed to end since she expected to project Ghanaian music.


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